KDevelop 5.2 Open-Source IDE Released with Improved C++, PHP and Python Support

Almost half a year in the making, KDevelop 5.2 is a major release that introduces more analyzer plugins to the Analyzer menu entry implemented in the previous release, KDevelop 5.1. These include Heaptrack, a heap memory profiler for Linux apps written in C/C++ and Cppcheck, a popular static analyzer for the C++ programming language, which can be used from inside KDevelop by default. Apart from the new analyzer plugins, KDevelop 5.2 comes with a bunch of improvements for the C++, Python, and PHP programming languages. For PHP support, this release introduces the callable type, process member properties and calls for unsure types, null and spaceship coalesce operators, support for non-scalar constants, support for variadic functions, and PHP7 IIFE syntax parsing.