Kingpin client port for Linux

Thanks to Donncha O Caoimh for
this link.

Client port of Kingpin, a 3D shooter for Windows, has been
ported to Linux.

“Ridah updated his .plan to let us all know the full Linux
client port of Kingpin is now available. Here’s the skinny:”

“A full Linux client port of Kingpin is now available.”

“I have not tested this extensively, so please don’t treat this
as a full-blown release. If there are major bugs, I’d like to hear
about it. I will try and fix any problems in what little time I
have outside normal work.”

“I am very much behind the linux cause. Although for many it can
be a love-hate relationship at times, when it does work, it’s a
dream to use. I’ve only been using it now for about a week, in
which time I’ve developed a strong desire to see this platform
succeed. Thus, I have devoted a lot of effort towards getting this
client working.”

“At this time, it is limited to Linux glibc, and REQUIRES A 3D
ACCELERATOR, which is compatible with Linux (most 3DFX and TNT/2

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