KMyMoney 4.5.1 stable version is out

“The KMyMoney Team is pleased to announce the release of
KMyMoney version 4.5.1.

“This version contains several fixes for bugs found in 4.5.0
since it was released almost three months ago as the stable release
for the KDE Platform 4.

“Here is a list of the most important changes since the last
stable release:

– fixed several crashes like when adding a default category to a
payee #248448, when activating the schedules calendar on certain
languages #232757, when back-tabbing in the split editor 244962
– fixed some report configuration bugs #255532 and #249119
– improved some small user interface issues #252598, #249609,
#241044, #255433, #251212
– added the new Bulgarian Lev as a currency #255491