la Repubblica: Con l’impronta di “Gnome” Linux diventa facile

“Part from Mexico the nth attack to the Microsoft and its
Windows program, but stavolta the antitrust American enters not
there. Miguel de Icaza, a programmatore of 26 years of the
University Independent Nacional de Mexico has realized one new
graphical interface, Gnome call, for the operating system
alternative Linux that renders it easy to use and to the
traditional Windows also on the PC”

“Menù of start, icons easy to click, bar of the
applications and windows: within Gnome the elements are all that we
know already. The programs are included in the packet also that
serve to us in order to work: we will find therefore a
videoscrittura software, the electronic mail, the sheet of
calculation, the calendar and many other applications.”

Complete Story
(In Italian)

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