LA Times: Microsoft Video Gaffe May Sink Its Defense

Thanks to Orv Beach and
Ray Clouse for this

“Analysts say the judge could rule against the credibility of
the software giant’s witnesses, weakening any appeal.”

“Microsoft Corp. seriously damaged its chances of winning its
antitrust trial, experts say, when it showed a controversial
videotape in court this week…”

“Though government lawyers did not uncover any new discrepancies
in the revised tape Thursday, Microsoft officials admitted in court
that the new demonstration does not fully support the company’s
claim that removing components of its Internet Explorer Web browser
impairs the Windows 98 operating system.”

“The connection between the Web browser and the operating system
is central to the case. The government argues that Microsoft’s
practice of combining Internet software with its Windows PC
operating system is an illegal act of “tying” one product to
another to extend its software monopoly into new markets. Microsoft
counters that the Web browser is not a separate product but part of
the operating system.”