Leaving the OpenOffice.org project

“Today is a special day. I feel both sad and relieved, happy and
somewhat disgusted. I have officially resigned from all my duties,
roles and positions inside the OpenOffice.org project. My
resignation is effective immediately and I am leaving the project.
I will now be contributing to the Document Foundation, while of
course continuing to work at Ars Aperta and at the OASIS as a
member of its Board of Director, eGov Steering Committee and ODF

“These past days have been tense. In a sense it was to be
expected, but on the other hand I feel that it was in fact quite
surprising and unprofessional. The Oracle employees who are members
of the OpenOffice.org project and who expressed themselves these
past days have displayed a disturbing lack of understanding of Free
and Open Source Software; LibreOffice is, after all, and until
proven otherwise, a downstream version of OpenOffice.org, and as
such deserves inclusion into the OpenOffice.org community.

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