LibreOffice: “It is wrong to blame Oracle”

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“Novell’s Michael Meeks talks about the reasons for the
fork, the first few weeks of the new project and plans for the

“derStandard.at: The criticism around the way Sun / Oracle has
been handling OpenOffice.org is not entirely new, so why the split,
why now?

“Michael Meeks: First let me say: A lot of people blame Oracle
and I don’t think that’s fair. Those decisions are actually taken
inside of Star Division and if you see the history of Star Division
and OpenOffice.org from Day 1 when they promised the foundation –
well we’ve been waiting for that and the frustration got more
intense over time. It was always like “We’re going to do the
foundation in a year”, but it never happened.

“Also there was always this idea that to make the foundation
independent, you’d have to have this huge pile of money and this
incredibly complicated organization to pay hundreds of developers
and then every company would pay money into it.”

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