Linsched for 2.6.35 released

“I would like to announce the availability of the Linux
Scheduler Simulator (Linsched) for 2.6.35.

“Originally developed at the University of North Carolina,
LinSched is a user-space program that hosts the Linux scheduling

“Its purpose is to provide a tool for observing and modifying
the behavior of the Linux scheduler. This makes it a valuable tool
in prototyping new Linux scheduling policies in a way that may be
easier (or otherwise less painful or time-consuming) to many
developers when compared to working with real hardware.

“Since Linsched allows arbitrary hardware topologies to be
modeled, it enables testing of scheduler changes on hardware that
may not be easily accessible to the developer. For example, most
developers don’t have access to a quad-core quad-socket box, but
they can use LinSched to see how their changes affect the scheduler
on such boxes.”

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