Linsider: Snapshot: Linux Desktop Players

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for this link. ]

“Eazel draws up funding (in a big way), Applix spills its
bean (counter), and Mozilla gets stuck on a slide and put under the
microscope. Linsider shows you who said what about the Linux
Desktop for the week of April 12th – 19th, 2000.”

“Topping our list of stories for this weeks Linux Desktop
snapshot is the report from Reuters regarding Eazel’s acquisition
of $11 million in funding from Accel Partners, a well known venture
capital firm. According to this story, Eazel will use the money to
expand its current base of 35 employees. The San Francisco startup
is headed by ex-members of the original Macintosh user interface
team, including Andy Hertzfeld. Their current objective is the
release of a product, code named Nautilus, for desktop file
management similar in use to the Macintosh Finder. Nautilus will be
included with GNOME 2.0 later this summer, with plans for other
tools, including network based backup and storage software, already
in the works. With serious funding, well defined direction, and
proven leadership, you would be hard pressed to prove that Eazel
won’t have an impact on the Linux desktop. In fact, you’d be
wasting your time even trying. All they have to do is deliver on
time with a quality product.”

“Although Eazel is targeting the GNOME environment, an article
on Corel’s challenge to Windows 98 shows that KDE is also getting
some big time backing in their bid for the Linux desktop. The
article is mostly about Corel’s distribution but talks briefly
about their use of a modified KDE environment for their standard