Linux 2.0.37pre10 released

Alan Cox writes:

Ok this one should be it. Couple of compile fixes, some minor device
updates and the fsync() fix.

You need binutils 2.8 or 2.9 to build this kernel tree. 2.7 is not good


Linux 2.0.37pre10
o       Alpha compile bug cured                         (Jeff Garzik)
o       Cyclades update                                 (Cyclades)
o       Remember to call check_privacy on boot          (Mikael Pettersson)
o       Alpha fixes for ne.c                            ("Solar Designer")
o       Make fsync behave for large ext2 files          (Scott Laird)
o       RCPCI45 update                                  (Red Creek)
o       Alpha makefile tweak                            (Michael Chastain)

Linux 2.0.37pre9

o       Appletalk probe bug                             (Jens-Uwe Mager)
o       Further multicast fixes                         (me)
        | We should now pass the JDK mcast tests
o       Export fddi symbols                             (Christoph Goos)
o       Autoset ARCH, Makefile fix                      (Paul Slootman)
o       PCI handling fix                                (Thomas Bogendoerfer)
o       PCI2000, PCI2200, PSI240 drivers                (Perceptive Solutions)
o       Our netrom code crashed BPQ                     (Tomi Manninen)
        | BPQ doesn't appear to have been fixed in most
        | places. If you run BPQ, you should worry about this 8)
o       Updated DAC960 driver                           (Leonard Zubkoff)
o       Updated Adaptec 29xx driver                     (Doug Ledford)
o       Assorted minor tweaks/cleanups                  (various)

Linux 2.0.37pre8

o       Fixed a small multicast problem                 (me)
o       PIII disable serial ID                          (me, from Phil Karns

Linux 2.0.37pre7

o       Fix the floppy driver works for alternate blocks
        of 20 odd days on the Alpha bug                 (Paul Slootman)
o       Accept IEE802.3 arps on ethernet                (Volker Dormeyer)
o       Autofs overflow fix                             (H Peter Anvin)
        | backported to 2.0.x
o       Off by one error in block driver                (Rune M. Brinckmeyer)
o       Bridge should be silent if disabled             (Tomasz Motylewski)
o       Another bad ne2k clone added                    (Jari Malinen)
o       Wavelan updated                                 (Jean Tourrilhes)
o       InitIO updates                                  (Bas)
o       InitIO A100 support                             (Initio/Bas)
o       Added Tripace TC-2550 driver                    (Tripace)
        (anyone with a card care to port it to 2.2)

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