Linux 3.13 rc3

.. I'm still on a Friday release schedule, although I hope that
changes soon - the reason I didn't drag this one out to Sunday is that
it's already big enough, and I'll wait until things start calming

Which they really should, at this point. Hint hint. I'll start
shouting at people for sending me stuff that isn't appropriate as
we're starting to get later into the release candidates.

That said, it's not like rc3 is somehow unmanageably large or that
anything particularly scary has happened.  I'd have *liked* for it to
be smaller, but I always do.. And nothing particularly nasty stands
out here.

The bulk here is drivers (net, scsi, sound, crypto..) and ARM DT
stuff, but there's the usual randon stuff too, with arch updates
(pa-risc, more ARM, x86) and some filesystem and networking updates.

Go wild,