Linux 3.13 rc7

I normally do these things from the airport when I fly out, but since
I had re-installed on my laptop I chickened out and decided to do it
before leaving, just to make sure I had everything set up on the
laptop. Wouldn’t you guess, the one time I decide to be prudent, it
all worked without a hitch..

Anyway, things have been nice and quiet, and if I wasn’t travelling,
this would probably be the last -rc: there isn’t really anything
holding up a release, even if there are a couple of patches still
going through discussions and percolating through maintainers. But
rather than do a real 3.13 next weekend, I’ll be on the road and
decidedly *not* opening the merge window, so I’ll do an rc8 next week
instead, needed or not.

And who knows, maybe something critical comes up now that people are
slowly emerging out of their food comas after the holidays, but at
least so far I get the feeling that 3.13 is doing fine.

In this rc, about half of the updates are networking (both drivers and
core), and the rest is a mix of other drivers (gpu, input, pci core,
some random of patch as well) and arch updates (s390 and powerpc, some
arm noise). And with some random stuff thrown in (cifs/gfs2, some mm
stuff from Andrew, etc).

But it’s all pretty small.

Shortlog appended. Go forth and test,