Linux 3.13 rc8

Another week, another RC. And things look fine.

rc8 has the usual “two thirds drivers, one third random” mix, with
“random” having some arch updates (arm and parisc this time), but is
mostly network updates. A fair chunk of the driver changes are network
drivers too, for that matter.

But nothing particularly scary. The scariest part of this release is
how slow my network is, and the patch is still being uploaded, but it
should be done any minute now. Or maybe in half an hour. Whatever. But
the git trees have been updated for hours, it’s just the tar-balls and
patches (and this release announcement) that were delayed by bad

Let’s hope things keep calm, and that I can make the final 3.13 next
week when I get back home. But for that all to work well, you guys
need to test. Ok?