Linux 3.16 rc3

We're back on a Sunday release schedule, and things are looking
reasonably normal.

There's perhaps relatively less driver updates than usual, with most
of them being pretty small, but that is probably just a timing thing
(ie Greg didn't send his USB/staging changes this week, so driver
changes are mostly gpu, networking and sound).

As a result misc architecture updates (mips, powerpc, x86, arm)
dominate the diff, and there are various random other updates. We've
got filesystem updates (aio, nfs and ocfs2), a small batch of mm fixes
from Andrew, some networking stuff.etc.

The shortlog gives a feel for the changes. The most noticeable to
actual users are probably the unbreaking of direct block device read
accesses on 32-bit targets, and some x86 vdso regression fixes that
caused problems. The rest probably didn't end up affecting very many
people, but it's all proper fixes..