Linux 3.18 rc5

Hmm. We had a very calm -rc4, and I wish I could say that things
continued to calm down, but... Yeah, rc5 is clearly bigger than rc4
was. Oh well.

It's not like it's entirely out of line, though - rc4 was unusually
small. And the changes aren't particularly odd or scary: about 55%
drivers (networking, gpu, cypto, thermal, sound), 15% arch updates
(xtensa, x86, arm[64], parsic, sparc), and the rest is a mostly a mix
of netwoorking, filesystem, VM, documentation and tracing updates.
The changes tend to be fairly small and clear, and about a third are
marked for stable.

So we still have a few pending issues, but things look fairly normal.
We've still got a few weeks to go before final, and the more you can
test, the better off we'll be.