Linux 3.2 rc5

“It’s been a bit over a week, and I’m sad to report that -rc5 is
bigger (at least in number of commits – most of the commits are
pretty small, so it’s possible that the *diff* ends up being
smaller, but I didn’t check) than both -rc2 and -rc4 were.

So much for “calming down”.

Yeah, part of it is probably that Ingo is back, and had a
backlog (mainly x86 and perf). But quite frankly, that isn’t enough
to explain it all – we have xfs and btrfs changes, we have network
updates, and we have the usual 50% random driver updates (sound,
target and gpu drivers stand out, but there’s some network amd MD
driver noise too).

That said, there’s nothing really scary there and it all tends
to be pretty small, and many of them are solid regression

So I’m going to continue to push back a bit on people sending me
stuff, but I’m also just going to hope that this was some one-time
thing and we really will be calming down now.

Ok? Because we all want a quiet holiday season, don’t we? And
Santa doesn’t like it when I curse a lot in email.