Linux 3.5 rc6

Another week, another -rc. And happily, another week of calming down.
Noticeably fewer commits in here than in -rc5, and I think we're
getting closer to a final release.

That said, it's also summer (our Australian co-developers may
disagree, but they are in the minority), and with that I also wanted
to talk about the next merge window. Because I suspect that especially
a lot of the European developers have either taken off for vacation or
are getting ready to do so.  August tends to be off-season for a lot
of people. I'm hoping summer plans not a huge part of the slowing down
of the rc patches, but I do suspect that the next merge window will
almost inevitably be completely overshadowed for some developers by
their vacation.

Which is fine, and I'm hoping that may just mean that 3.6 will be a
calmer release. I *would* ask that people who go on vacation do *not*
plan to send me their merge window stuff before leaving for vacation,
though. I'd really much rather see the merge delayed to 3.7 entirely
than have the developer push me the big changes, and then not be there
at all for the rc series.

Anyway, just keep that in mind, especially those of you planning on
taking all of August off.

Back to the -rc6 stuff: there's mainly some btrfs and md stuff in
here, with the normal driver changes, arm updates and some networking
changes. And a smattering of random stuff (including docs etc). None
of it looks very scary, it's all pretty small, and there aren't even
all that many of those small changes. Shortlog appended.