Linux 3.8 rc1

The longest night of the year is upon us (*), and what better thing to
do than get yourself some nice mulled wine, sit back, relax, and play
with the most recent rc kernel?

This has been a big merge window: we've got more commits than any
other kernel in the v3.x kernel series (although v3.2-rc1 was *almost*
as big). It's been a rather busy merge window, in other words.

The diffstat looks normal: about 63% of the patch being to drivers
(staging, networking, scsi, gpu, sound, drbd etc) , 18% architecture
updates (with various ARM platform things being the bulk of it as
usual, sigh), and the rest being "various", like core networking,
filesystems (new f2fs flash-optimized filesystem) and include files

I'm appending the "merge shortlog" which is about the only half-way
readable automated data I can give you. There's a *ton* of stuff here.
Go out and test it,


(*) And by "us" I mean mainly people in the same timezone and
hemisphere as I am. Because I'm too self-centered to care about
anybody else.

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