Linux 3.8 rc3

The holidays are over, and things are starting to get back to normal.
Except for Greg, I suspect, who is probably still digging his way out
of his email hole.

Anyway, another week, another -rc. A fairly normal-sized one. Most of
the changes are in drivers, with the bulk of them being one-liners all
over that just remove the last traces of __dev[init|exit].

But apart from that, there are real updates (GPU drivers stand out –
mainly radeon and exynos), and some architecture work (arm, powerpc,
mips, microblaze), filesystems (f2fs, gfs, cifs, nfs) and networking
(netfilter and sunrpc).

And I really hope things calm down. I realize there was some pent-up
patches from the holidays, but let’s make sure -rc4 really is smaller.