Linux 3.9 rc8

Yes, I was really hoping (and originally planning) to release 3.9
final this weekend, but we had enough issues that I just didn't feel
comfy about it. It was borderline, and none of the issues were huge,
and maybe I could have called this just 3.9 and opened the merge
window, but hey, another week won't hurt.

The bulk of the changes here are networking (both core and drivers),
but there's arch fixes (sparc, x86, arm, powepc) and random other
stuff. A couple of reverts and some cleanups. The shortlog gives some
flavor of the details. Nothing here on its own would have delayed 3.9
for me, but I was hoping for a calmer week.

Please don't send me pull requests unless it's something really
critical, and let's aim for a nice calm 3.9 release next weekend, ok?