Linux 4.1 rc3

Here’s a Mother’s Day Sunday release for you all, whether you’re  a
mother or not. Because hey, it’s Sunday afternoon once again, and
that’s just how my -rc releases roll.

Nothing particularly scary or worrisome going on, although there are
little fixes all over. Some of them are regressions from this merge
window, and some of them are older. And some of them are so old that I
almost thought “if it’s been broken since 2011, and you only noticed
now, maybe it could have waited for the next merge window”. You know
who you are (and others will too, if they read the commit messages –
your shame is out there).

The appended shortlog gives a reasonable overview, and isn’t too big.
As you can tell, it’s mostly drivers, with a smattering of arch
updates (mostly ARM). And a smattering of misc stuff: perf tooling,
documentation, filesystems. The infiniband update is a noticeable
chunk of the drivers, we had some delayed stuff there due to
maintainership changes.

Go out and test. By -rc3, things really should be pretty
non-threatening and this would be a good time to just make sure
everything is running smoothly if you haven’t tried one of the earlier
development kernels already.