Linux 4.11 rc8

So originally I was just planning on releasing the final 4.11 today,
but while we didn't have a *lot* of changes the last week, we had a
couple of really annoying ones, so I'm doing another rc release
instead. I did get fixes for the issues that popped up, so I could
have released 4.11 as-is, but it just doesn't feel right.

It's not like another week of letting this release mature will really hurt.

The most noticeable of the issues is that we've quirked off some NVMe
power management that apparently causes problems on some machines.
It's not entirely clear what caused the issue (it wasn't just limited
to some NVMe hardware, but also particular platforms), but let's test

And we had several oops fixes too, even if they were for pretty special cases.

So go out and test, guys and gals, and make sure that I can do a final
release next weekend instead, ok?