Linux 4.12 rc7

It's been another week, and we have another -rc.

It's fairly small, and there were no huge surprises, so if nothing
untoward happens this upcoming week, this will be the final rc. But as
usual, I reserve the right to just drag things out if I end up feeling
uncomfortable about things for any reason including just random gut
feelings, so we'll see.

The appended shortlog is short enough to just scan through, but the
high-level overview of the patches is fairly normal: the bulk of it is
drivers as usual (gpu and networking may stand out, but there's a
collection of random stuff - block, pinctrl, hid, sound, input, scsi
target..) with various arch updates (mainly powerpc, but there's some
x86, arm64, s390 and mips noise).

Outside of arch and drivers, we've got some generic networking fixes,
scripts, and some core kernel fixlets, including a couple of fixups to
the stack gap patch from last rc.

But all of it is pretty small. Go test,