Linux 4.2 rc2

Another week, another rc. What can I say? Call me boring, but that's
how this all works.

This is not a particularly big rc, and things have been fairly calm.
We definitely did have some problems in -rc1 that bit people, but they
all seemed to be pretty small, and let's hope that -rc2 ends up having
fewer annoying issues.

The rc2 patch is roughly one third drivers (drm being the bulk of it),
one third architectures (arm, mips and parisc, a smattering of x86)
and one third "misc". That misc pile is mostly filesystems (btrfs) and
some timer updates, and then the perf tool build fix that involved
just making some of the perf tool infrastructure private to the tool
rather than trying to share it with the kernel. The shortlog below
gives more details, but you can also just scan it quickly (it's not
that big) to just get some kind of flavor for what's up.

Go out and get it, and see how it all holds up,