Linux 4.3 rc6

Things continue to be calm, and in fact have gotten progressively
calmer. All of which makes me really happy, although my suspicious
nature looks for things to blame. Are people just on their best
behavior because the Kernel Summit is imminent, and everybody is
putting their best foot forward?

Or maybe this just ended up being one of those rare painless releases
when nothing bad happens.

That would be lovely.

Whatever the reason, there is nothing odd or scary going on, and the
appended shortlog is nice and short. Almost all of it is drivers, with
infiniband and gpu patches being most noticeable. But even there, the
biggest patch by far is just a copyright message clarification in
infiniband, which by itself is almost a third of the whole patch.
Because the rest is really pretty small.

Aside from the driver fixes, there's a few smallish arch updates (the
bulk of which are a few x86 kvm fixes for SMM emulation, but even
those are by no means large). And a couple of mm oneliners.

Everything looks really good, in other words. Knock wood.