Linux 4.5 rc7

So things have finally calmed down this past week, and I think we'll
end up with a normal release where rc7 is the last rc.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind in case we find
something worrisome, but on the whole it looks good. We did have some
changes that were larger than I'd like at this stage, but they were
mostly to individual drivers. Most of the commits here are trivial
one- and few-liner, with perhaps just the block layer standing out as
having a couple of bigger changes (and those are "bigger" only in
relation to the rest, not particularly big in any absolute sense).

The changes are all over the map, but about three quarters of it is
drivers (a usb-serial redundant driver removal is the biggest single
piece, but it's a bit of everything, including compat sound fixed,
gpu, watchdog, libata, rdma, etc). The rest is architecture fixes
(sparc, x86, mips, arm) and filesystem fixes (jffs2, cifs, ceph,
btrfs, but also a lovely fix to the dentry code that not just fixes a
bug but cleans up things a lot).

So please do go out and test, because we should be pretty much done
here for this release, and things look fine.

Shortlog appended as usual for the people who want more detailed
information about the things that went on this week,