Linux 4.8 rc2

We've had a week since the merge window closed, and rc2 is out. Go test it.

The diffstat for rc2 looks unusual, in that only about 1/6th is
drivers (normally drivers account for about half the bulk of the
updates). Instead, it's dominated by arch updates, and fs/ and mm/.
But that's most likely just because the fixes to the bigger driver
areas haven't started trickling in yet - rc2 tends to be a quiet
period after the craziness that is the merge window.

And the reason mm/ stands out is mainly just because of a pull request
from the merge window that I had delayed until after rc1 in order to
look more at it.

So I expect that things will be back to normal this upcoming week.

Nothing really strange seems to be going on, so please just go out and
test it and report any problems you encounter. It's obviously fairly
early in the rc series, but I don't think there was anything
particularly worrisome this merge window, so don't be shy..