Linux 5.0 rc3

I’m keeping to the usual “Sunday afternoon on the US west coast”
release schedule, even if it’s actually already Monday afternoon in
here New Zealand. I’m traveling for LCA 2019.

This rc is a bit bigger than usual. Partly because I missed a
networking pull request for rc2, and as a result rc3 now contains
_two_ networking pull updates. But part of it may also just be that it
took a while for people to find and then fix bugs after the holiday

So we have more commits than usual for rc3, although certainly not
breaking any records. And things look fairly normal, except that the
diffs are unusually big in the tooling department, with lots of bpf
test additions.

On the “kernel proper” side, things look fairly normal, although with
the above caveat that we have two weeks worth of networking fixes, and
that shows up as both core networking and network driver updates.

But we’ve got other driver updates too (gpu, rdma, scsi, crypto,
acpi..) some arch updates (mainly some mips fixes), and various
smaller filesystem fixes.

The appended shortlog gives an overview of the details for people who
want to quickly just scroll down the kinds of things that got fixed.

Nothing particularly odd strikes me.