Linux 5.1 rc1

It's Sunday, and two weeks have passed, and everything is normal. You
all know the drill by now - the merge window is closed, and things are
supposed to calm down.

The merge window felt fairly normal to me. And looking at the stats,
nothing really odd stands out either. It's a regular sized release
(which obviously means "big" - , but it's not bigger than usual) and
the bulk of it (just over 60%) is drivers. All kinds of drivers, the
one that stands out for being different is the habanalabs AI
accelerator chip driver, but I suspect we'll be starting to see more
of that kind of stuff. But there are all the usual suspects too - gpu,
networking, block devices etc etc.

A somewhat recent development is how the tools/testing/ updates have
been quite noticeable lately. That's not new to the 5.1 merge window,
it's been going on for a while, but it's maybe just worth a mention
that we have more new selftest changes than we have architecture
updates, for example. The documentation subdirectory is also quite

But on the whole, there's really stuff all over, including core VFS
updates (in addition to all the usual low-level filesystem updates
too, of course).

And as always, the shortlog is much too big to post with 11k+ commits
(12k+ if counting merges). So below is my usual "mergelog" listing
submaintainers and a summary of the git pulls I've done from them..

Go forth and test,


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