Linux 5.5 rc5

Another week, another rc.

And it's another quiet week, to no surprise. I think things will
start picking up this upcoming week as everybody is getting back from
holidays, unless 5.5 just happens to be a particularly easy release
(but there's no reason to think that - or the reverse).

Nothing in rc5 really stands out, we have fixes all over

- drivers (mainly networking, gpu, media, sound, block)

- core networking

- architectures (MIPS, RISC-V and Hexagon stand out in the diff, but
there's powerpc too, and some noise elsewhere from patches from Andrew

- security subsystem fixes (apparmor and tomoyo)

but it's generally just a bit of a mixed bag of small fixes all over.

Shortlog appended, it's small enough to easily scroll through for a
flavor of what's been going on.


PS. One sad piece of news I got this past week was that Bruce Evans
has passed away. Bruce wasn't really ever really much directly
involved in Linux development - he was active on the BSD side - but he
was the developer behind Minix/i386, which was what I used for the
original Linux development in the very early days before Linux became