Linux 5.7 rc1

It's Sunday afternoon, and it's been two weeks since the merge window
opened, so here we are. Maybe an hour or two early, because it's
Easter Sunday, and I may be socially distancing but we're still doing
the usual Finnish Easter dinner with lamb, mämma and pasha... I may
not be religious, but tradition is tradition. Thanks to the social
distancing, this year we'll have to forgo trying to force-feed our
poor American friends mämma, which never really works out anyway. In
fact, I think I can hear the sighs of relief from miles away.

Back to the kernel.

Things looked pretty normal, in fact I felt things worked smoother
than they often do, with the bulk of the big pull requests all coming
in the first week, just the way I prefer it. Yes, I had a fair number
of pulls the second week too, but a lot of them were smaller
subsystems, or follow-ups, or fixes. Keeping people inside may have

That said, we did have a couple of hiccups due to linux-next not
having had some of the syzbot testing that it normally has, so
immediately when things hit my tree, a few alarm bells rang. That
certainly wasn't optimal. But it got sorted out quickly enough that it
didn't end up being all that painful, and hopefully we'll avoid the
lack of test coverage in the future. At least there's a cunning plan
for that. Knock wood.

And things look normal stat-wise. Not the biggest kernel, not the
smallest, and the distribution of patches looks fairly regular too:
about 60% drivers (all over - it's the merge window, after all) with
the rest being architecture updates (x86 and arm stand out, but
there's a little bit of everything), Documentation updates (more rst
conversions, but also just regular updates), filesystem work (pathname
lookup cleanups and the new exfat filesystem stand out), networking
and "misc core kernel" work.

As always, there's much too much new stuff to list with a shortlog, so
appended is my mergelog.

I did have a request from the kernel technical advisory board (aka
TAB) to mention that if anyone's had (or is predicting) disruptions to
their kernel work from COVID-19 that they'd like help solving (finding
backup maintainers, etc), the kernel TAB has offered to help however
they can. If this would be useful, please contact them at:
[email protected]

Anything else?

Oh, yeah. Go test.