Linux 5.9 rc7

So we finally have all the issues I know about sorted out - the fix
for the VM issue I mentioned in the rc6 announcement is here, as is
the fix for the slab corruption issue that was separately discussed,
along with another silly page locking bug one-liner fix.

But while I do now know of any remaining gating issues any more, the
fixes came in fairly late. So unless I feel insanely optimistic and/or
a burning bush tells me that everything is bug-free, my plan right now
is that I'll do another rc next Sunday rather than the final 5.9
release. And btw, please no more burning bushes. We're kind of
sensitive about those on the West coast right now.

Anyway, while the MM side is what kept me on my toes last week, most
of the changes here are actually drivers and networking. And
networking drivers. With a small smattering of documentation and
filesystem fixes and other noise thrown in.

Shortlog appended, but what I really hope you all will do is to give
it a nice good testing. One extra week or rc kernels will help, but
only if people actually try this out.

So.. Please?