Linux 5.9 Released

Ok, so I'll be honest - I had hoped for quite a bit fewer changes this
last week, but at the same time there doesn't really seem to be
anything particularly scary in here. It's just more commits and more
lines changed than I would have wished for.

The bulk of this is the networking fixes that I already mentioned as
being pending in the rc8 release notes last weekend. In fact, about
half the patch (and probably more of the number of commits) is from
the networking stuff (both drivers and elsewhere).

Outside of that, the most visible thing is a reinstatement of the
fbdev amba-clcd driver - that's a noticeable patch, but it's basically
just mainly a revert.

The rest is really really tiny (mostly some other minor driver
updates, but some filesystem and architecture fixes too). There's just
a bit more of those kinds of tiny details than there should be fo this
kind of last delayed week. But since nothing in there gives me any
particular reason to delay another week, here we are.

That obviously means that the merge window for 5.10 is open, and I'll
start doing those pulls tomorrow. I already have a couple of pulls
pending, but I hope people take the time to just do one last test of
the final 5.9 release.

So go get it.