Linux and the iPhone

LinuxInsider: Android, Schmandroid: Linux on the iPhone

“Since its launch, renegade developers have been working to make
the iPhone a Linux workstation, porting tools to the device. And
why not? It has enough RAM and hard disk space to make the work

“‘My iPhone has 16 GB of disk space, 128 MB of RAM, a 600-plus
MHz processor and a much better display than my original computer,
and it has Darwin open source ported to it; so its essentially a
Unix-like OS which led guys like Jay and myself to use the phone as
if it were a Unix workstation and write applications in a familiar
Unix-based environment,’ Brian J. Fox, founder and technology
partner at The Okori Group, told LinuxInsider…”

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ZDnet Australia: Aussie Linux Head: Microsoft More Open than

“The world has been turned upside down for Linux developers,
thanks to Microsoft’s approach to its mobile platform–today it’s
the most open functioning platform on the market, says new Linux
Australia president Stewart Smith.

“The star of application-rich mobile phones, Apple’s iPhone, has
been met with criticism from the open source community and even
confusion by major software developers like Adobe…”

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