Linux.com: GNU/Linux and the Global Village

“I have great hope for the future. I think most GNU/Linux
enthusiasts are also optimists.
We see a brighter future with
more freedom. In fact, in regard to voluntary effort, what
community has more members, more contributors than GNU/Linux?
When so many parts of the modern world are alienated, lacking
in common goals, community, GNU/Linux shines as an

“I have written before that if we do not have a free (as in
freedom) non-proprietary Internet, we will loose our freedom. And
if there is anything that will create a global village, the
Internet will do it. How many major corporations would love to have
a proprietary handle on the Web? What large corporation can you
think of that is working towards that? And if there is any one
community that can prevent that, it is GNU/Linux.”

“Third-world countries, and areas of the world with less wealth
will need Free Software like Apache and GNU/Linux to participate in
the future global village. The Internet will foster freedom and
democracy like no other system the world has seen. GNU/Linux is, to
my mind, one of the strongest forces in the world for bringing the
world to cooperation, to freedom, to democracy, creating a global