Linux.com: Integrating Linux into Existing Networks

“I often find myself hearing that many organizations are trying
to find a way to implement Linux into their existing networks.
Samba provides a way to incorporate Linux to service their Windows
workstations. Also, with the number of available IPV4 IP addresses
dwindling, Linux can act as an excellent masquerading machine using
one available address for numerous clients connecting to the

“Imagine yourself walking into an existing network saturated
with Windows workstations being serviced by a sluggish NT server.
Knowing what you know about Linux and NT, you decide that you would
rather see these Windows workstations being serviced by a Linux
server. It may seem overwhelming to integrate Linux into the
Windows-based network, but it isn’t as difficult as it

“Although Linux has a great graphical desktop environment, it
may still be impossible for you to integrate Linux as the desktop
workstation and assimilate Windows as the primary workstation.
Fortunately, in the server realm, Linux can accommodate the
Windows-based workstation environment by using Samba.”