Linux.com: Last Look: ApplixWare

“Eight years ago, ApplixWare was one of the premier office
suites for Unix-like systems. Then Sun Microsystems began promoting
StarOffice aggressively, and KOffice and GNOME Office started
maturing. Passed to a subsidiary of Applix called VistaSource that
later became independent, ApplixWare was repositioned as a
combination of a basic office package and a developer’s toolkit
running from a common main menu. For a while, it was even renamed
AnyWare. Now at version 6, ApplixWare is back to its original name,
with versions available for AIX, GNU/Linux, and SPARC Solaris, with
earlier versions still supported for Windows and FreeBSD. The trial
download for GNU/Linux shows ApplixWare’s age, but it also shows a
trick or two that its newer rivals might learn from.

“Much of ApplixWare’s design recalls an earlier stage in
Unix-like systems…”