Linux.com: Linux Quality

“By taking Quality out of the object and the subject, and making
it the relationship between the two, Persig has really opened up
the field. This approach provides great depth and variety while it
also accounts for individuality. A great piece of art may or
may not appeal to everyone. Why? Because the quality does not lie
solely in the object. The subject gets to have his opinion —
something Linux users value highly….

“And how does this relate to Linux? There is obviously a Quality
relationship between Linux’s programmers and their OS. In fact,
Linux is so valuable that people work for free! Oh sure, there’s
“meta pay” (see Maslow). But doesn’t meta pay imply something of
high value, something that is worth more than money? For Linux
contributors and users, the meta pay can probably best be described
as freedom – freedom to see the painter’s paint (the source code),
and the freedom to pick up your own brush and redo the painting to
their own liking….”

“The individuality that this “relationship Quality” incorporates
also implies flexibility. Again, GNU/Linux excels in this area. We
have a basic configuration that’s endlessly modifiable, not just by
“them,” but by you, or anyone you hire to do so. If you like
freedom, and you like flexibility, and if you enjoy taking some
initiative, you’re bound to be a GNU/Linux lover.”