Linux.com: More Major Software Wins

An operating system is only as good as the applications
which run on it. The applications which a person chooses to run on
any operating system are where the real use and value of the system
Applications from databases to games to productivity
suites are the heart and soul of what people do with their
computers. What does it matter if a particular operating system
will make a $100 486/33 outperform the latest and greatest
gigahertz Pentium clone if there are no applications to run on it?
Applications are what we all use for work or pleasure, and our
favorite underdog has just gained a few more first class
applications with which to feather its cap.”

“The rapid proliferation of applications which now run on Linux
is wonderful for anyone even thinking of running Linux. The first
question most people ask me about Linux is, “Will it run this?”, or
“Does this application run on Linux?” These are very important
questions, and I am beginning to reply more often with a yes indeed
it will run the application you want. As the number of applications
which run on Linux continues to increase, so will the Linux user
base. This pattern is exponential in nature, as the more people
there are running Linux, the more likely application developers are
likely to release their products on Linux.”


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