Linux.com: Software from the Sky

“Without rain and the precious water it provides, life would not
last long. A single drop of rain by itself does not provide much
nourishment. However, put together millions of raindrops and pretty
soon you have a raging storm sweeping across the land.”

“In the Linux storm washing across the Internet landscape, each
of us is a drop of rain. Only together, does our might become
apparent. Scenes from Slashdot, where thousands of Linux users
flood out a web server have become commonplace.”

“Where once existed a wasteland, a completely new community has
sprung forth. Each time the Linux community gains another member,
the more nourishment we can provide to the free software. We
provide patches, documentation, support, training, and precious
ideas on where to go next.”

It’s quite wonderful to have no road map and yet have a
sense of direction at the same time.
Everyone solves the
problems that matter most to them personally. They flow to where
they need to be and it all seems to work amazingly well. It’s not a
stretch to say that for nearly any program imaginable you can go to
freshmeat.net and find either the beginnings of a project to write
such a program, or a complete program ready for download.”