Linux Gazette: Booting Linux with the NT Loader

“I hope these tips will help Linux users to successfully boot
Linux through the NT Loader the easiest way. The procedure I will
explain works for NT Server 4 and NT Workstation 4 running on
Intel-compatible PC.”

“The most important thing you must always remember is that many
software products sit on your unique precious hard disk’s Master
Boot Record (MBR). So does NT without asking and so optionally does
LILO if you want to. The machine’s BIOS executes code stored on the
active partition to initiate your preferred OS.”

“When NT is installed, the MBR is modified to load a program
called NTLDR… you must be careful to configure LILO *not* to
install on MBR. Instead you will need to configure LILO on the root
partition of Linux.”