Linux Gazette: Process Cloning in C

“… process migration refers to the automatic redistribution of
active processes within a cluster system, and agent migration
describes processes on a mission, gathering data for a full report
upon returning home… self-directed movement of a process from one
networked machine to another, is the subject of leading edge

“Cluster systems are multi-computers, a network of machines that
present a single-server image to a client. There are many different
processes running on a cluster system, some of which may
self-replicate in order to handle a suddenly higher client request
load. A cluster operating system may direct one or more of its
processes to migrate to other machines on its network,
redistributing the overall system resource load.”

“The very first step toward implementing any process migration
system is to figure out how to get a duplicate process started on
some other machine from within your active process… What
system file modifications must be made to a remote machine in order
to make it amenable to your request to run a copy of your active
process? Let’s examine the issues surrounding what we call process