Linux Gazette: Setting Up A Java Development Enviroment For Linux

“Unfortunately the development of the Java language for Linux
lags the development for other operating systems. Having said that
there are still many advantages to using Java on Linux, not least
of which is the easy availability of sophisticated development
tools. If you have not seen a recent version of DDD (The Dynamic
Display De-bugger), you may not realise that it now supports Java.
If you write any programs under Linux DDD is a must have

Java’s greatest advantage is also its greatest
For reasons given below, the fact that the same
Java code can be run on any platform without re-compiling is
responsible for the fact that Java applications can appear slow. It
is this slowness that has lead some to question the need to use
Java at all.”

“It is true that if speed in loading and running an application
is the only criteria for choosing a programming language then I
would never consider using Java at all.”