Linux Journal: CodeWarrior for Red Hat Linux, GNU Edition, Version 4

“CodeWarrior is an integrated development environment (IDE)
which has existed on several platforms for a number of years and
has just recently been made available for Linux.
Metrowerks is
releasing two versions of CodeWarrior for Red Hat Linux (with SuSE
releases to follow): the GNU Edition and the Professional

“The principal advantage of the IDE is that it is easy; the
program takes care of everything and lets you concentrate
exclusively on your code. On machines without the make command,
this can be completely wonderful, and even on Linux, many users
have wished that someone would port CodeWarrior.”

“One advantage of the CodeWarrior IDE is that it eliminates the
complications involved in writing and maintaining a Makefile.”

“… although CodeWarrior may make cross-platform development
much easier, it may slightly complicate cross-UNIX development. KDE
developers in particular may be annoyed that it is difficult to use
extended C++ class libraries like Qt.”

“Serious programmers may find other limitations. For example,
third-party products (such as the debugger) are not integrated into
the IDE, they are just loaded for you.”

“The world of GNU/Linux is extremely different from that of
Macintosh and Windows, and CodeWarrior will need to make many
adaptations to be successful. Hopefully, this product is first in a
line of efforts…’