Linux kernel 2.2.0pre1-ac4 released

Alan Cox posts his fourth patch to the 2.2.0pre1 kernel.

You can download it at

Alan Cox writes:

This is just small stuff and tidying. It should fix most of the reported oops

Changes for -ac4

o       Fix the Cyrix 6x86 problem pre2 introduced
o       Fix the IDE crash report
o       Fix IDE Geometry bug (Andre)
o       Fix soundblaster funnies (Mike Galbraith)
o       Move AUTOINIT into dma.h (Russ King)
o       SMP locking for DE4x5 (David Davies)

Changes for -ac3

o       Fixed SMP compile problem
o       i2c_init warning removed
o       epic100 now counts bytes (Nolan)
o       wavefront update (Paul Barton Davies)
        | This should now work on pentium and faster boxes
o       Ptrace fixes (Linus)
o       Dcache hash fix (Assar Westerlund)
o       FAT panic fix (Christophe Leroy)
o       IPI counting (Philipp Rumpf)
o       PAS2 update (Alex Stewart)
o       OPL3SA oops fix (Chris Noe)
o       ES188x update (Rolf)
o       Tulip 0.89H (Don Becker)
o       sdla_x25 compile fix (Arjan)

Changes for -ac2

o       Alpha updates (Rth)
o       Clean up excess r's (Robert Thorncrantz)
o       TCP state machine fix (should fix the hanging netscape bug) (Andi Kleen)
o       Wan router compile fix (Arjan)
o       Swap header fixes (JJ)
o       Ingo's SMP fixes (Ingo oddly enough)
o       Export put_filp
o       PLIP fixes (Al Viro)
o       ip_fw panic on some SMP fix (Rusty)
o       procfs mem race fixes (Andi Kleen)
o       IDE fixes #1 (Andre)
        | Geometry for >8Gig
        | Don't start with multimode on
        | Even if the BIOS says UDMA for known problem drives, turn it off
        | for WD AC11000H, 22100H, 32500H and 33100H
        | Misordered DMA stop, status check - causes some peoples drives
        | to do interestingly bad things
o       Fix accidentally reversed rpc time wrap fix (Matti Aarnio)

Fixed in -ac patches  (* = sent on to Linus)

For Linus:

o       AVL tree vm avoids bad perfomance problems
o       MediaGX crashes on boot
o       Certain numbers of scsi disks dont seem to work
*       VFS clears setuid/gid flags wrongly on directories
*       COSA credited twice
*       string.h egcs fixes
*       Some further time fixes
*       Various time fixes submitted
*       KNFSD patches. With them knfsd seems to work ok. With the current
        tree it doesnt work at all. Probably this is "Experimental for 2.2"
o       AMD stepping ident, K6 ident
o       What the hell is going on in time.c, on a low memory box picking
        586 gives better performance for a 486 and several other chips
        without TSC registers. That patch piece is a bad way to save 1K
*       Various config combinations don't build
*       FTAPE doesnt work in .132/2.2.0pre
*       Various of the time_* changes to net/* are one out
o       Ted's last serial patch is missing (setserial crashes box)
*       IBMMCA doesnt work on the model 77 internal scsi
o       Trond's last NFS fix
*       include/linux/sysctl.h is exposed to user tasks even with glibc,
        but isnt strictly ANSI compliant
*       SYS5 shm debugging slows stuff down measurably -ifdef it
*       DVD isofs trips an iso bug trap wrongly.


o       Large file array support (will be required by vendors for several
        big name products). This is a tricky one. Im wearing too many hats
        to judge this objectively. Vendors will probably ship this anyway
        or something similar.

Linus doesnt want:

o       QlogicFC - no big problem, its seperate its clean and vendors
        can ship it and other driver addons easily as they do now. Its a 
        nobrainer to install of the net.

Stale ?:

o       ADFS updates
o       Load unversioned modules into versioned kernels when doing
        request_module etc.