Linux kernel 2.2.10ac8 released

Alan Cox writes:


o       Speed up QlogicFC driver                (Chris Loveland)
o       Update GemTek radio driver              (Jonas Munsin)
o       Fixed fork race                         (Kanoj Sarcar)
o       SMP irq detection fix for com90xx       (Andrew Kroll)
o       Maui fixes                              (Andrew Kroll)
o       Alpha keyboard include fix              (Jeff Garzik)
o       memchr() for generic case               (Matthew Wilcox)
o       ioctl/immutable fix                     (Chris Evans)

o       Turn slab poisoning on properly         (Stephen Tweedie)
o       AIC7xxx update                          (Doug Ledford)
o       Fix Masquerading bits                   (Dave Miller)
o       Fix security hole in AX.25 stack        (Tomi Manninen)
o       Sparc patches                           (Dave Miller)
o       MSDOS lookup optimisations              (Al Viro)
o       Small net fixes                         (Eddie Dost)
o       Fix Null interface oops in Appletalk    (Adrian Sun)
o       Fix FIBMAP ioctl to require RAWIO cap   (Chris Evans)
o       Allow >8Gig disks on Qlogic controllers (Andries Brouwer)
o       Masquerade update                       (Juan Jose Ciarlante)
o       KNFSD updated                           (HJ Lu, David Woodhouse)
o       Sound documentation intro update        (Wade Hampton)
o       Fix ioremap to top of memory case       (Linus, backport from 2.3)

o       Handle corrupt EFS superblocks          (Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz)
o       Cyclades driver update                  (Ivan Passos)
o       Z85230 driver fixes                     (Daniel Marmier)
o       Merge 2.2.11pre1
o       Bounding set sysctl                     (Matthew Kirkwood)
o       Fix lvm + !proc compile case            (Marcelo Tosatti)
o       Fix radiotrack2 compiled in case        (Jeremy Boulton)
o       Fix socket/glibc clash                  (David Woodhouse)
o       SPARC resync                            (Dave Miller)
o       Hash bucket fixes for TCP etc           (Dave Miller)
o       Enable SLAB poisoning so we can try 
        and get more clues on the disk problem
        a few folks see                         (me)
o       Merge a slightly cleaned up Buz driver  (Rainer Johanni, Dave Perks)
        | I 'cleaned' this a bit so mail me bugs first not them

o       Problems with new epic100 - backed out
o       Further small MIPS merges               (Ralf Baechle)
o       Fix sysctl for sysrq                    (Willy Tarreau)
o       Wait longer on bootup for keyboard      (priikone)
o       FAT16/FAT28 update                      (Al Viro)
o       Removable media disk change bug fix     (Giuliano Pochini)
o       Allow Masq to handle extended irc CTCP  (Scottie Shore)
o       Fix shared IRQ handling in serial.c     (David Hinds)
o       Fix "doubly enqueued task"              (Trond Myklebust)
o       Sysctl doc update                       (Peter Breitenloher)
o       DEPCA oversize packet fix               (Alexey Kuznetsov)

o       Merge with all the MIPS tree            (Ralf Baechle and co)
o       Trix sound driver takes "joystick=1"    (me)
o       Updated EPIC100 driver                  (Don Becker)
o       Updated NE2K PCI driver                 (Don Becker)
o       Updated RTL8139 driver                  (Don Becker)
o       Updated Tulip driver                    (Don Becker)
o       Updated VIA Rhine driver                (Don Becker)

o       SCSI cmd_len fix                        (?? off linux-kernel)
o       IN2000 SCSI fixes for newer binutils    (Alan Modra)
o       SMP scsi fixes                          (Marcelo Tosatti/me)
o       Tulip fix                               (Keith Owens)
o       Never oom init                          (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Fix eepro100 ring alignment             (Jes Sorensen)
o       Make sysrq runtime configurable         (me)
o       Quota race fix updates                  (Jan Kara)
o       ARP crash fix                           (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o       Drop the problematic sangoma stuff      (me)
o       Fix an NFS rpc out of memory handler    (James Yarbrough)
o       Fix cadet data corruption bug           (Fredrick Gleason)
o       Large nbd size fix                      (??)
o       Shaper device stats                     (Jordi Murgo)

o       LVM support                             (Heinz Mauelshagen)
o       Fix scsi and bttv symbol problems       (me)
o       SCSI sleep handling bug fix             (Chris Loveland)
o       Qlogic update                           (Chris Loveland)
o       Now assume all ZIP IDE floppy firmware is
        funny. Testing seems to imply it is     (me)
o       Fix alpha compile bug                   (Daniel Frasnelli)

o       BTTV support for ultrasparc             (DaveM)
o       Tridge is smbfs maintainers             (Andy Tridgell)
o       Fix Coda includes                       (Arvind Sankar)
o       Fix mknod over knfsd                    (Pavel Krauz)

What is different between 2.2.10 and 2.2.10ac (main items)

o       System 5 file system supports V7 disk format
o       2Gig support or some alphas
o       Choose 1 or 2Gig support for X86
o       APM update
o       Large file arrays
o       Sparc 64 bttv TV card support
o       Mappable DMA memory driver for the G200 3D project
o       WDT watchdog configure options (command line yet to do)
o       IBM PCI token ring driver
o       ARLAN driver
o       Sealevel systems 4021 driver
o       SEEQ 8005 driver can be a module
o       SCSI-2 names known by the scsi loggers
o       Better handling of out of memory during scsi load/unload
o       SCSI error handler doesn't stop initrd unloads
o       Experimental sb mode enablers for ESS Maestro-1
o       Misc small sound fixes
o       ESS sound fixes (WIP)
o       VGA16 console support
o       Quota race fixes
o       Faster NFS client layer
o       Updated knfsd
o       Updated Sangoma drivers (seem to have bugs)
o       gethere trick for better network code generation
o       drop kernel lock on some performance critical user access paths
o       Multipath routing
o       Updated ksymoops package

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