Linux kernel 2.2.16pre7 released

Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 13:36:19 +0100 (BST)
From: Alan Cox alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
To: kernel@linuxtoday.com
Subject: Linux 2.2.16pre7

Ok this is the target for the 2.2.16 final release. If its got problems now
would be a good time to find them. There should be nothing that works
worse than 2.2.15, and hopefully a lot that works rather better.

The trident driver backport and other new driver stuff will wait for 2.2.17


o       Fix masq_mod compile breakage           (me)
o       readv/writev didnt error oversized      (Chris Evans, Dave Miller)
        requests properly.
o       Report SMBUS nicely in pci              (Chip Salzenberg)
o       Acenic 0.44                             (Jes Sorensen)
o       Fixes for Acenic 0.44 + dhcp            (Chip Salzenberg)
o       Add DHCP to the ip autoconfig stuff     (Chip Salzenberg)
        | Yes this all belongs in user space. No not for 2.2/4
        | Someones 2.5 mission is to get rarp/bootp/dhcp all working via
        | initrd!
o       EEpro100 driver v1.20.2.4               (Andrey Savochkin)
o       Fix cmpci compile problem               (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Fix i810 audio compile problem          (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Fix build problem with no TCP/IP        (Arjan van de Ven)

o       VM fixes                                (Rik van Riel)
o       TCP and other net fixes                 (Dave Miller)
o       Identify Intel cascade cpus             (Dragan Stancevic)
o       Sparc and sparc driver cleanness fixes  (Dave Miller)
o       Kill unused slhc_init stuff             (Paul Gortmaker)
o       Backport modprobe fixes from 2.3.x      (Keith Owens)
o       cmpci fixes (midi out, spdif)           (Daisuke Nagano)
o       Legacy mode Yamaha PCI audio driver     (Daisuke Nagano)
o       French translation has moved            (Pierre Tane)
o       Fix memory scribble in ip_masq          (Andi Kleen)
o       Mention iso8859-14 in docs              (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Fix string handling in xconfig          (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Updated 3c59x driver                    (Andrew Morton)
o       Fix make xconfig and old tk             (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Olympic driver fixes for PPC            (Mike Phillips)
o       Bring capabilities closer to POSIX spec (Andrew Morgan)
        | Note. This subtly changes cap_bset behaviour

o       Work around the cmpci DMA buf bug       (me)
o       Fix a couple of headers                 (Andrew Morgan)
o       2.2 backport of Jeff's via audio code   (Marcelo Tosatti)
o       Fix the infamous 8K 3c590 stall bug     (Anders Pedersen, Don Becker)
        | Yay and it only took 3 years to find ;)
o       ATAPI probe fix                         (Geert Van der Plas)
o       Fix n_tty.c invalid copyuser            (Andrew Morton)
o       NLS init cleanups/config docs           (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       EEpro support for old ISA cards         (Aristeu Filho)
o       Export disk_name for other users        (me)
o       Add blkdev.h to sparc64 ioctl32         (Fredrick Koehler)
o       Handle thinkpad APM bios bugs           (Stephen Rothwell
                                                under threat from Rusty ;))
o       FPU, CTC and other bug fixes for S/390  (IBM)
o       Fix signal alt stack on exec            (Bruno Haible)
o       SCSI generic update                     (Doug Gilbert)
        | Roman your sg race patch clashed - can you sort with Doug
o       Add TIMEDIA cards to parport            (Tim Waugh)

o       Computone driver update                 (Doug McNash)
o       MPP fixes for ISDN                      (Kai Germaschewski)
o       Fix gcc 2.7.2 compile problem           (Jarno Paananen)
o       Packet Engines GNIC-II driver           (Don Becker, Keith Underwood)
o       Fix disk stats for Compaq Smart2        (Rolf Fokkens)
o       Fix missing brace on ppc                (Andreas Tobler)
o       Riscom/N2, Moxa C101, SBE WanXL drivers (Krzysztof Halasa)
o       RCC became Serverworks                  (Matt Domsch)
o       Fix 3c515/59x halt on 2^32 packets      (Andrew Morton)
o       PSS driver update                       (Anthony Barbachan)
o       NFS inode/shrink dcache race fix        (Trond Myklebust)
o       Fix access_ok when len is a short       (Thomas Sailer)
o       Support syncppp/hdlc on Synclink card   (Paul Fulgham)
o       Fix 3c59x reporting of new cards        (I Lee Hetherington)
o       XConfig enhancements                    (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Increase timeouts on girbil             (Michael McConnell)
o       Configurable ramdisk size (also tides   (Alex Beregszaszi, me)
        away an S/390 ifdef)

o       Fix stupid SMP bug in the i810 audio    (me)
        |And yes I can call it stupid, its my
        |bug !!
o       Cyclades Update                         (Ivan Passos)
o       Autoload paride protocol                (Tim Waugh)
o       Upgrade IBM ServeRAID to 4.0            (IBM)
o       Back out ARM fix                        (Russell King)
o       AF_UNIX peer credentials on socketpair  (Malcolm Beattie)
o       Use all onboard memory patch for IBM tr (Mike Phillips)
o       Handle WPI CDS-32X                      (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix CD-ROM ioctls                       (Jens Axboe)
o       Add AFVALAB and TIMEDIA parallel ports  (Tim Waugh)
o       Switch to 2.3.x format for invalid
        EIP/ESP reports                         (Keith Owens)
o       Add v1.20 to seagate bios matches       (Matthias Heidbrink)
o       Fix initio scsi shared irq free         (Thomas Graichen)
o       Possible sign mishandling issues fixed  (Solar Designer)
o       EEPro 10 ISA support                    (Aristeu Filho)
o       Update megaraid firmware URL            (Dell)
o       Export inet as well as net notifier     (Pekka Riikonen)
o       Fix smc 9194 memory handling bug        (Heiko Pruessing)
o       Export init_mm for Alpha                (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Avoid scheduling while waiting for someone
        else to send an IPI (alpha)             (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       move ll_rw_blk data into BSS            (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Elevator starvation fix                 (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Safer IRQ probe                         (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       refill deadlock fix                     (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Fix set_blocksize                       (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Stop deadlock if timer reinserts itself
        too fast                                (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Fix swap_blockmap deadlock              (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Change syncppp API to match 2.3.x and   (Ivan Passos)
        remove some limits
o       Bring S/390 port into line with latest
        IBM patch set                           (IBM)
o       Fix HDLC driver bits                    (Paul Fulghum)

o       IRDA updates                            (Dag Brattli)
o       I2O fixes for bugs found in Intel tests (Boji Tony Kannanthanam)
o       SunRPC security fix                     (Chris Evans)
o       Fix memory handling bug in console      (Russell King)
o       3c59x cleanups/fixes/etc                (Andrew Morton)
o       DVD ioctls                              (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix dcache typo                         (Nimrod Zimmerman)
o       Linux gcc checks assumed no gcc 3.x     (Graham Stoney)
o       CPIA update                             (Peter Pregler)
o       Add another AHA152x signature           (Jarl Friis)
o       SBC-60xx watchdog                       (Jakob Oestergaard)
o       Fix 4096 byte block scsi diskd evices   (sara@procsys.com, me)
o       Fix dumb IPX arcnet/ethernet routing bug(Alexandr S. Agranovsky)
o       Remove bogus dmfe warnings              (Marcelo Tosatti)
o       Fix problem with i810 driver and
                dumber codecs                   (me)
o       Geometry fix for misjumpered disks      (Andries Brouwer)
o       Further procfs fixes                    (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       Small ext2 fix                          (Stephen Tweedie)
o       Quota oops fix                          (Andi Kleen)
o       Fix debug spinlocks and !SMP            (Alan Modra)
o       Fix appletalk device locking bug        (Avery Pennarun)

o       Intel 810 audio driver                  (lots of people)
o       EEpro100 updates                        (Andrey Savochkin)
o       S390 ksyms fixes                        (Dougie Lawson)
o       Procfs fixes                            (H J Lu)
o       MDA console driver fixes                (Edward Betts)
o       Kernel doc pointer updates              (Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche)
o       16bit code page translation support     ('Cosmos')
o       Remove 4.3GHz CPU speed limit           (Wayne Scott)
o       Handle mouse reconnect event            (Brent Verner)
o       make Xconfig update                     (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Remove key repeats from random input    (Kevin Buhr)
o       Fix maestro unload on irq failure       (Willy Tarreau)
o       Fix a fencepost error in fatfs          (Dan Yefimov)
o       Switch 8259 handling to match spec      (Manfred Spraul)
o       Autodetect unscaled M/O partitions
        and read them anyway                    (Gregory Hosler)
o       Add XEN-II support to Apricot.c         (Richard Hirst)
o       SMBfs updates                           (Andrew Tridgell)
o       I2O updates                             (Boji Tony Kannanthanam)
o       W6692 isdn fixes                        (ISDN cvs)

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