Linux kernel 2.2.2ac1 released

Alan Cox writes:


If you have a problem in 2.2.2ac1 verify you can duplicate it
with 2.2.2 before posting general bug reports if possible. Make
sure it is obvious if a bug report is about -ac1 to avoid any

Definitely let me know if you have any ac1 specific problems.
Don’t bother Linus unless 2.2.2 unpatched also breaks.

This one like Linus won’t build on Alpha. I’ll try and rectify
that for ac2.


Differences between 2.2 and 2.2.2ac1

New Features

  • Large file array support (>1024 handles allowed)
  • Support querying actual block size of media
  • Typhoon radio driver
  • Test driver for Sealevel wan cards
  • Acard ATP870U SCSI driver
  • Initio A100 SCSI driver
  • QlogicFC fibrechannel driver
  • Symbios 53c416 driver
  • Support type 6 ARP on ethernet


  • BW Qcam driver updated
  • 3c509 driver updated to match 2.0
  • COSA wan driver updated
  • Major IRDA updates
  • SMC ultra updated to match 2.0 driver
  • Wavelan update, including newer card support
  • AIC7xxx updated
  • Updated MegaRAID driver
  • ESS Maestro test driver

Major Fixes

  • CS8900 driver module options fixed. Original is unusable
  • Shaper doesnt crash SMP boxes
  • SCSI error doesnt crash the machine at random
  • Persistent DMA buffers on sound
  • RPC improvements
  • Faster NFS client
  • NTFS doesnt crash when it runs out of memory
  • /proc/mem locking fixes

Minor Fixes

  • Remove obsolete/misleading “Drop Source Route” Config item
  • Configure.help fixes
  • Dcache documentation
  • Sparc maintainers entries up to date
  • make clean removes everything it should
  • genksyms version problems are reported
  • Misbracketing in hd.c fixed
  • Zoltrix fixes
  • ADFS updated
  • 8390 fix for “interrupt when stopped” message off ne2000
  • GDTH driver has missing version.h check fixed
  • Fixes to the SCSI blacklist
  • Future Domain MCA driver works non modular
  • Various frame buffer updates
  • chgrp handling fixed
  • Route cache flush proc entry is write only


  • Some ARM merging