Linux kernel 2.2.3-pre3 released

Thanks to Alexandre
for the tip.

Linux Torvalds writes:

There’s a new pre-patch for 2.2.3, one that I was already going
to make the final 2.2.3, but I decided that I’m chicken after all,
and that I might as well let some people check that it’s sane.

This pre-2.2.3 does:

  • Fix some silly NFS problems. Some of them can be quite bad:
    lost error notification of asynchronous writes, which can result in
    horrible problems (including lost email etc). Most people wouldn’t
    ever notice, so don’t panic, but forgetting about the error
    notification certainly counts as a brown paper bag.
  • Alpha should compile and work again
  • Various driver updates. This is actually the bulk of the patch,
    with IRDA updates, some scsi, video and sound driver updates
  • The “mmap forgets about the file that was mapped” bug that has
    been discussed here. Only affected certain drivers.
  • shaper atomicity fixes
  • various minor TCP fixes
  • buffer growth fix and recursive IO memory reclaim fix from
  • network filter compiles 😉
  • unix gc fixes

Tell me if you see problems, because I’m going to release it as
2.2.3 unless people tell me otherwise..