Linux kernel performance is as good as ever, benchmarks show

“Phoronix has published the results of benchmarks performed on
26 Linux kernels dating back five years, from Linux 2.6.12 to a
pre-release version of the upcoming Linux 2.6.37. Despite the
addition of numerous features over the years, the results show
remarkable consistency.

“With last month’s release of Linux 2.6.36, the kernel saw a
reduction in net lines of code for the first time in years. The
kernel received a trimming to address concerns about “bloat” that
have been raised in recent years by Linux creator Linus

“Yet despite feature creep in recent years, the Linux kernel’s
performance has remained remarkably sustained, according to
Phoronix. The publication applied a series of benchmarks from its
Phoronix Test Suite on 26 kernels ranging from the circa-2005 Linux
2.6.32 to a pre-release version of the upcoming 2.6.37.”

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